About this Site

We need to work work together. Or I need to rant and make fun of you.  One of the two.

About This Site

We started this site in response to the political events and climate around the 2016 Presidential election.

The goals of this site are admittedly in conflict with themselves. Some of us believe that the only way out of this mess is for liberals and conservatives to stop vilifying each other and work together to solve the country's problems. Some of us are just angry and disgusted with all of the lies and stupidity, and we want to rant and throw some hunerous "alternative" facts back at the right-wing hate machine. I share both emotions.

We do need to stop being a red America and a blue America. We need to mix the red and blue and create a purple America. Our constant fighting over splinter issues has let special interests, big money, and flat our corruption take more and more control of our country. We are doing nothing about it, all while The United States loses ground to the rest of the world in more and more areas.

We want to invite intelligent discourse from both sides of the political spectrum, and angry rants, and some caustic wit. (As of the time of this writing, our registration feature is not live yet; so, if you want an acoount, send a your name, email, a user name, and desired password to the Contact Us link below).

This site has a bias. If it is not strictly liberal, and maybe it is, it is in opposition to the actions of the Trump administration and the alt-right. If you are a conservative who agrees with that goal, please join us; we need voices from all sides.

I want to address, in advance, that this site is part of "liberal hysteria" in response to Trump. People said, "give Trump a chance". Personally, I did. I was not happy about his election, but I accepted it. I had hope that there were a lot of possibilites for the Trump Presidency that could have some positives.

But as his cabinet picks and advisors were selected, they were racists from the alt-right; the worst of old-school extreme-right, business-as-usual Republicans; and unqialified billionaires with conflicts of interests.

Trump's administration isn't draining the swamp. It is the swamp. Or perhaps he did drain it a little, but only so he could fill it back up with toxic waste and run-off from coal mines.

He started his Presidency by lying to the American people, and attacking people who pointed out the truth, caling them liars and fake news. And it got worse from there.

The foundamentals of democracy our being attacked. Attacking the legitimancy of the courts and the press is the action of tyrants and dictators. I said in several occasions that the Bush administration whiped their ass with The Constitution, but they used lawyers and the courts to do so; and they publically accepted court rulings when they went against the adminisration.

This Trump thing is something new and terrifying. Reacting to it is not hysteria; it is our duty as citizens.

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