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Hall of Shame

Hall of Shame: George Faught

George Faught is an almost generic conservative Republican. He is aggressively anti-abortion and overtly religious. He wants to take money from the poor and middle-class and give it to the wealthy and big business. He wants to undermine public education.

I disagree with all of that, but that doesn't earn him a place in the Hall of Shame. If it did, we would have to make a post for most Republican politicians in the country.

What makes Faught stand out is his sick, disgusting comments on rape and incest. He stated that these things happened in the Bible, and that "God uses all circumstances". If you are so desperate to outlaw any abortion that you start standing up for rape and incest as God's will, you aren't a moral Christian, you are a sick fuck. Get rid of this guy, and every other Republican that justifies rape or incest. Even if you are conservative and otherwise like his views, do you really want to be on the side that justifies RAPE?
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Hall of Shame: Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen, President Trump's attorney, tweeted a sexualized picture of his "Ivy League" daugher wearing nothing but a bra and pair of nylons. He then proceeded to compare her likeness to that of Edie Sedgwick, who is basically the 1960s version of a more drugged out, more shocking, more sexualized, (and arguably more talented) Paris Hilton. Then, when women on twitter pointed out that a father posting this type of picture of his daughter (while comparing her to Edie Sedgwick), is kind of creepy, he accuses said women of being "jealous"...

This just furthers the notion that a lot of alt-right men, including Cohen, Trump and some of his other cronies, view all women, including their own daughters, as nothing more than dick bait, even if they do attend an Ivy League school.

The most disturbing thing however is Cohen apparently truly doesn't seem to understand why this kind of thing is highly inappropriate. Maybe that's because he is too busy assuming that the main value of all women is their sex appeal while everything else, including brains, takes a back seat. No pun intended...
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Hall of Shame: Cheri Steinmetz

Cheri Steinmetz sponsored a bill in 2017 allowing service providers in Wyoming to refuse service to anyone based upon religious opposition to the person’s lifestyle. The bill was largely targeted at GLBTQ individuals, and was a response to the city of Laramie passing anti-discrimination legislation. The law would have made it illegal for cities or counties to pass conflicting anti-discrimination legislation.

In general, I am deeply opposed to the movement of “religious right to discriminate” legislation. Religious freedom should not allow people to discriminate people any more than it should allow people to kill people or mutilate people. But as these bills go, this bill was ground-breaking in its heartlessness. It would allow care to be refused to a child of a lesbian couple. It would allow an EMT to let a gay person die because they religiously disapprove of the person’s lifestyle.

Proposing such measures is either a monstrous and evil, or just grossly incompetent and so desperate to make anti-LGPTQ laws that impact was not even considered.
Bonus points: in an era where Marijuana is being successfully legalized and decriminalized across the country, Steinmetz proposed increasing legal penalties for Marijuana position.

Note: this awful person ran unopposed in the last election. We have to be able to better than this, even if it is just a conservative candidate who is not such a terrible human being.

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Hall of Shame: Pat Garofalo

Garofalo has a long history of being a jerk to other legislatures and constituents -- at one point comparing himself to a wrestling heel -- but that isn't why he is on this page.

In 2017, Garofalo sponsored a bill to make it illegal for cities to increase minimum wage or sick leave for workers over state minimums. These aren't a cities that Garofalo lives in. In fact, by free-market standards, his outlying community should stand to benefit from businesses being chased out of the major cities by the "stifling wage minimums", but Garofalo did not make a case to lure businesses to his city.

Why? Because the changes made by the cities will not drive out business or stifle business. Communities that have increased minimum wage, such as Seattle, have seen unemployment decrease and productivity increase. If anything, the Republicans are desperate to avoid another case proving we can improve worker's lives without killing business.

Whatever the case, Garofalo is a shill for business interests and a lying troll that wants to fight liberals even if their decisions do not affect him or make positive change. He has spearheaded an unnecessary attempt to prevent cities from improving living conditions.

Bonus points: he tweeted this racist crap: "Let's be honest, 70% of teams in NBA could fold tomorrow + nobody would notice a difference w/ possible exception of increase in streetcrime [sic]".
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Hall of Shame: Paul Ryan

This is a man that once marketed himself as the "conscience" of the Republican party, but after lying about having a replacement plan for Obamacare (the ACA) for seven years, he rushed together a mess that offers less coverage and costs more. It reduces the types of care covered and will cost those with pre-existing conditions. It moves billions of dollars from Medicare to the extremely rich.

This bill will, if it gets through the Senate, cost people their lives, and it will bankrupt many more people.
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Hall of Shame: Jeff Flake

Jeff Flake created and sponsored the Senate Join Resolution 34, to repeal the rule Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services. This eliminated consumer protection from their internet providers selling their browser history to third parties without consent.

This is an abomination against the Fourth Amendment and consumer rights. There is absolutely no justification for this other than "we value corporate profits more than the right to privacy".

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