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The really dangerous people believe they are doing whatever they are doing solely and only because it is without question the right thing to do. And that is what makes them dangerous - American Gods, Neil Gaiman


Dem Rep: Trump team has ‘pattern of forgetting’ about contacts with Russia

Of course. To the corrupt billionaires that are and fund the Trump administration and other major Republicans (and some Democrats), countries no longer matter. Putin and Russian oligarchs are just other members in the corrupt billionaires club, manipulating the world to a new feudalism where the rich are above the laws, and little things like constitutions, rights, and the rule of law are not an issue.

Out of Control on Contraception

An excellent article and a great picture, but it misses a key point: the illogical combination of being anti-abortion and anti-contraception is not merely to domain of religious extremists. It is also part of the broader conservative ideology because it is about controlling female sexuality.

Many of the plans that will now be able to drop birth control from their coverage will cover Viagra. A huge portion of conservatives, while objectifying women and justifying rape, still want to shame and punish women for having sex with partners of their choosing. This is not about protecting babies, it is about attacking women


The Lies about Antifa

Antifa – a contraction of “anti-fascist” – is consistently and unfairly equated with the violent racists they fight. Conservatives are regularly call Antifa “fascist”. The ironic comparison is ludicrous and manipulative.

Why are They Making Excuses for Nazis

If Inglorious Bastards or Django Unchained were released today, there would be a wave of alt-right apologists complaining the films were offensive to Nazis and white supremacists. Fox News would echo them. Trump would join in on Twitter. Conservatives would start standing up for the poor mistreated Nazis.

When did these Nazis and slavers become anything other than something to fight and disdain? We fought wars to defeat each of them. We won. We were proud. We fought them because they were the enemies of freedom, and because they hurt and killed innocent people. Nothing has changed. Nazis and wannabe-Confederates should be opposed at every turn. It is not a liberal or conservative issue. It is not a fight between Nazis and the imagined alt-left. It is a conflict Nazis and everyone else.

Terms: The Alt-Left

There is no "alt-left'. The term is a fabrication of conservatives to make alt-right Nazi extremists more palatable, by inventing an imaginary group of equivalent extremists on the left.

False Equivalence and Finger Pointing

Moderates are being convinced that liberals are as divisive and negative as conservatives. When did standing against injustice become the same as standing for injustice? It is manipulation from the right, and if we let it silence us, it will only get worse.

Maybe a White Life Will Matter

Maybe a White Life Will Matter

Average Americans haven’t been able to get behind the Black Lives Matter movement, no matter how many innocent black men have died unnecessarily at the hands of the police. Maybe, Justine Damond’s tragic killing by Minneapolis police will finally get the reaction so many others have deserved. But let’s remember first that Justine was a human being, like Philando Castile and Tamir Rice. She and her family deserve justice. Hopefully, fighting for that justice will help prevent other deaths, but let’s not lose our own humanity in the process.

The NRA, the GOP, and the Militarization of the Right

Less than a conspiracy and more than a coincidence, groups marketing hate and violence are becoming more common and more accepted, and conservative groups are flirting with turning anti-government militias into a sort of modern day Brownshirts.

Challenge the Use of SJW as an Insult

Liberals need to stop apologizing for standing up for social justice, to stop calling others the conservative insult SJW, and say proudly that standing up for the rights of all people is good and necessary, despite all the propaganda against social justice.

The Lessons Jimmy Carter Can Teach Christian Conservatives

This isn’t an attempt to defend Carter’s Presidency. He may be my favorite ex-President, but he was not a good President. Neither is this about the good he has done since he left the Presidency. The lesson is in the misconception of why Carter was a weak President.

'March Against Sharia' Protests Take Place Nationwide

Genius move or stupidity? Obviously, there is no fear of anyone implementing Sharia law in the U.S., but what do you do? Counter-protest their Islamophobia? But no one wants to stand up for Sharia law? Well played, conservative nut jobs. Well played.

How Trump Has Changed My View of Past Presidents

If Trump is good for one thing, it is perspective. I never thought I would say, "We didn't know how good we had it with Bush II". Bush abused the legal system and checks and balances, but he acknowledged them. Bush crapped on the Constitution repeatedly, but he didn't ignore it or argue against it.

Words: Christianist

We have religious extremists in America who want to legislate based upon outdated and discriminatory religious law. They are not Islamists trying to enforce Shiria law. They are Christianists who want to discriminate and destroy religious freedom