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Christian Values

Either Christians are morally repugnant, vile, vicious, corrupt, and evil; or Christian conservatives are not Christian at all.

Stop Talking About Zina Bash, but Also Stop Defending Her

A favorite tactic of the Alt-Right is to get a reaction from the left, then play innocent and say liberals are crazy and reactionary. Whatever Bash is up to, liberals and media are playing into this tactic. But stop saying she can’t be a racist because she is of Jewish and Mexican ancestry. Her professional history shows that she is willing to betray and hurt people of her heritage, as well as damage women’s rights.

John McCain Dies at 81

He was not the political hero that some liberals made him out to be just for opposing Trump, but he was a rare Republican who sometime put his conscience above party, he was a real war hero, and sometimes he was a bit of a rebel. Rest in peace, John.

Call it what it is - fascism

I support the freedom of speech, even of neo-Nazis, but this isn't about freedom of speech, it is about intimidation and inciting riots, and these people are not some tame sounding "alternative right", they are fucking white supremacists and fascists.

Extra Military Hardware? Paint it Black and Give it to the Police!

The Militarization of The Police

The Department of Defense has donated thousands of bayonets to police departments. One of the most popular police training courses in the country was started by a man who refers to himself as a “Professor of Killology” and encourages physical and gun violence. SWAT teams are now used to break in the doors to search the homes of non-violent possible drug offenders. The active militarization of our police force and the rash of unnecessary police violence against, and killing of, innocent people are directly linked.

Blood on Your Hands: Police Violence

Unnecessary killing and violence by police is costing lives – not just civilian lives, but police lives. At the same time, it is making it harder for police to do their jobs and making the public too afraid to call the police to stop crime. This isn’t just a “black problem”. And if you support the police, quit being part of the problem and support a solution before the situation gets dramatically worse, because it will.

Pence without Wife for Chaparone

What Happens When Mike Pence Isn't Chaperoned by His Wife

I used to be bothered by the idea that Pence can't go to lunch with a woman unless he is escorted by his wife. Such standards create business and political situations where men have advantages over women in dealing with him. But I take it back. Pence touched NASA equipment directly below a big "do not touch" sign. The man literally cannot stop himself from touching things, even when clearly not given consent. It is best he is not alone with women, or pretty much anything else.

Philando Castile shooting: Dashcam Video

What's most shocking is how fast it happened. It took just 40 seconds for an ordinary traffic stop to turn deadly -- from a police officer saying, "Hello, sir," to him firing seven shots at Philando Castile.