Overcompensating for False Patriotism


Do you ever wonder about people who drape themselves in the flag and claim to be “patriots”, but don’t seem to value democracy, The Constitution, or their fellow Americans? It seems the less a person supports the pillars of democracy, the louder they cry “American First!” and the more red, white, and blue accessories are on their clothing, houses, and vehicles.

It is written off as ignorance or as tribalism, but subconsciously, they know they aren’t patriots. Just like a man obsessed with “size” who needs to build large towers with his name in gold letters all over the world, they are overcompensating. Most in the flag-waving crowd aren’t patriots, they are nationalists. Patriots love and are devoted to their country. There is an implication of being willing to work and sacrifice for the country.

Nationalists, on the other hand, are willing to sacrifice country’s laws and ideals for their nationalist agenda. They do not want personal sacrifice for love of country. They want others to sacrifice for the gain of the nationalist group. Nationalist sent members of the KKK to congress in the early twentieth century. Nationalists put Hitler and Mussolini in power. Although the words “patriot” and “nationalists” are treated as overlapping, most nationalists are not patriots. Nationalists attack their county’s laws and Constitutions. Nationalists attack their fellow countryman. Patriots defend the things nationalists attack.

Many conservatives hide what they are by pretending to be the opposite. Homophobic, anti-gay conservative leaders who turn out to be gay themselves. Conservative leaders who tout “the sanctity of marriage” are often men who have affairs and a history of divorce. The flag waiving crowd of conservative is no different. They aren’t patriots, and deep down, they know it. They wave the flag more and shout “America” louder, hoping no one will notice the truth: they don’t give a damn about America.

They don’t want to pay taxes. They don’t volunteer in their community. They don’t care about The Constitution, except of course, the second amendment. They try to destroy the separation of church and state. They cheer attacks upon the pillars of democracy - our courts, the free press, and education. They attack immigrants in a country where nearly all of us of come from immigrants. They claim to support our troops, but they won’t pay to take care of our veterans. They don’t want to help their fellow countrymen. They don’t even want to work to improve their own lives. They just want to blame liberals and immigrants for their own problems.