John McCain Dies at 81


Let's remember the McCain that was. He was the war hero that despite Trump allies' denials. He was not the political hero that some liberal make him out to be - yes, he spoke out against Trump, but he also voted for many of Trump's policies, such as the giant tax cut for the rich.

McCain had some sins that his on-again-off-again resistance to Trump and party-line politics did not fully atone for. Once an actual maverick of the Republican party, he sold out, joined Bush's cabal, and gave Sarah Palin a national stage. In selling the McCain-Palin ticket with Karl Rove style politics, he furthered the divisiveness that helped give us Trump and the neo-Nazi Alt-Right.

But he was at least a conservative with a conscience, in an era of cultish loyalty to Trump. He was a man who spoke his mind. He was a man who would work across party lines. He was outspoken, a character, and a unique voice in politics.

Flawed though he was, his voice will be missed, and I am sad that he died seeing his country and his party in the state they are.

I expect the next day will be filled with Republicans who have been insulting McCain back-pedaling and praising him. Many Trump fans will cheer has death as they soullessly cheered his illness. And many liberals will deify, just him for being a conservative with a spine and some common decency. He doesn't deserve any of that. He deserves to be remembered for being the flawed and amazing man that he was. Rest in peace, John.