Stop Talking About Zina Bash, but Also Stop Defending Her


People are making fools of themselves over Zina Bash’s on-camera gestures during Kavanaugh’s supreme court hearings. Let’s talk some facts:

People are speaking as if they know she made the “OK” symbol as a white supremacist gesture. The assumption is because people like Richard Spencer use the gesture. She may have been making the gesture as in support of white supremacists. She may have been making the sign language symbol for “asshole”. She may have been trolling us, as her alt-right buddies are known to do.

But if you watch the video, whatever gesture she made was intentional. The first time, she received a text. Immediately after the text, her facial expression completely changed (to me, it looks “smug and guilty”), and she made the gesture. Her off facial expression remained as long as she held the gesture.

Besides working for a racist, misogynist like Kavanaugh, she helped craft Trump’s immigration policy. Clearly, she is willing to harm people of Mexican descent. Trump put three white supremacists in the White House and refuses to acknowledge anti-Semitism. Kavanaugh called birth control “abortion inducing”. The modern Republican party is full of Quislings like Ben Carson and Marco Rubio who will support policies that “hurt their own people”. She worked for and supported these men. Her ancestry proves nothing. Her husband racing indignantly to her defense could have been planned to people reacting to the gesture look foolish.

The second gesture doesn’t tell us anything about the first gesture. The first gesture could have been many things. It could have been nod to neo-Nazis. It could have been her indicating that Kavanaugh is an asshole. She could have been flashing the sign at the person who texted her for any number of reasons. Stephen Miller could have texted her and asked her to make the gesture explicitly to make a media fury. The second gesture could be of the same intent, or it could be her messing with people in reaction to the first. It doesn’t prove it was a white supremacist gesture. It does mean she is messing with us.

The use of the “Ok” sign as a white supremacist gesture started as a hoax. It was then was adopted by alt-right Nazi trolls. The whole idea of using the gesture was to troll liberals. If they use it and don’t get called on it, they got away with flashing “white power!” in the open. If people react, they play innocent and use it to make liberals look hysterical and paranoid. They troll us with it, and they win either way.

However it started, she is trolling us now; so, stop getting trolled. Don’t make assumptions. Don’t make conspiracy theories. Stick to the facts.

Regardless of the meaning of the gesture, here is the fact about Zina Bash that matters: she has worked for lying, corrupt, politicians who are racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic. That fact that she is a woman of Mexican and Jewish background doesn’t make her innocent - it makes her vastly more despicable for supporting the policies and politicians she has.

Zina Bash is a successful, intelligent woman getting a lot of attention for being “beautiful” and playing in the halls of power with ugly men. She’s a terrible person that has helped create terrible policies, and she has eaten up the attention. Quit feeding her brand and making her a star of the alt-right. Just call her the horrible person that she is and make sure that everyone knows that it has nothing to do with this hand gesture fiasco.