Christian Values


Supported by Christian conservatives and their Republican allies:

  • Torturing and murdering a journalists who stand up against repressive regimes, because it would cost us a weapons deal
  • Taking money from veterans to fund a tax cut for the rich
  • Taking money from the poor, disabled, and elderly to fund a tax cut for the rich
  • Defending rapist frat boys and mocking their victims
  • Defending neo-Nazis and white supremacists, and beating or murdering those who stand against them
  • Racism
  • Misogyny
  • Homophobia (I know the old testament is against homosexuality, but Christ said, "let he who is without sin cast the first stone"
  • Child molesters (remember Ray Moore?)
  • Supporting tyrannical dictators
  • Suppressing votes of minority and poor voters
  • Refusing to help victims of natural disasters
  • Selling hatred and divisive rhetoric
  • Taking healthcare from 24 million people
  • Attacking civil rights of almost every disadvantaged group
  • Locking immigrant children in cages and giant, for-profit tent camps; failing to take steps to reconnect the children with their parents
  • Pushing people into a for-profit prison system, for...well...profit
  • Unnecessarily polluting the soil, water, and air
  • Institutionalized lies, deception, and propaganda to the point that basic facts are now irrelevant in politics
  • Mongering hatred towards liberals, woman, minorities, immigrants, and almost every other non-white, Christian group
  • Refusing birth control to women, then refusing abortions, then refusing healthcare or financial support for the children you forced to be born -- ensuring a swath of children with preventable health and developmental issues.
  • Supporting greedy billionaires over those in need
  • Supporting rhetoric that leads towards violence against women, immigrants, and minorities

Basically, if you call yourself a "Christian" and a "conservative" you have two choices: 1) stop supporting Republicans, the alt-right, and Fox News, or 2) quit desecrating everything that Christ (as presented by the Bible) stood for, and admit that you represent opposite of what Christ stood for.

One of the few things that Christ (as presented in the Bible) was actually "hateful" towards was hypocrisy. If you are a conservative Christian supporting Republicans and the mainstream religious right, and you are correct that Christ is the Son of God, there is a special place in hell waiting for you. But hey, you got to spend some years feeling powerful by supporting evil people who pandered to the worst part of your character. I really hope you are right about God and enjoy an eternity of hellfire, you fucking hypocrite.