Hall of Shame: George Faught



George Faught


Oklahoma House of Representatives, District 14


The Party of Rape (Republican)


November, 2018



George Faught is an almost generic conservative Republican. He is aggressively anti-abortion and overtly religious. He wants to take money from the poor and middle-class and give it to the wealthy and big business. He wants to undermine public education.

I disagree with all of that, but that doesn't earn him a place in the Hall of Shame. If it did, we would have to make a post for most Republican politicians in the country.

What makes Faught stand out is his sick, disgusting comments on rape and incest. He stated that these things happened in the Bible, and that "God uses all circumstances". If you are so desperate to outlaw any abortion that you start standing up for rape and incest as God's will, you aren't a moral Christian, you are a sick fuck. Get rid of this guy, and every other Republican that justifies rape or incest. Even if you are conservative and otherwise like his views, do you really want to be on the side that justifies RAPE?