Hall of Shame: Michael Cohen



Michael Cohen


Attorney to the President






Michael Cohen, President Trump's attorney, tweeted a sexualized picture of his "Ivy League" daugher wearing nothing but a bra and pair of nylons. He then proceeded to compare her likeness to that of Edie Sedgwick, who is basically the 1960s version of a more drugged out, more shocking, more sexualized, (and arguably more talented) Paris Hilton. Then, when women on twitter pointed out that a father posting this type of picture of his daughter (while comparing her to Edie Sedgwick), is kind of creepy, he accuses said women of being "jealous"...

This just furthers the notion that a lot of alt-right men, including Cohen, Trump and some of his other cronies, view all women, including their own daughters, as nothing more than dick bait, even if they do attend an Ivy League school.

The most disturbing thing however is Cohen apparently truly doesn't seem to understand why this kind of thing is highly inappropriate. Maybe that's because he is too busy assuming that the main value of all women is their sex appeal while everything else, including brains, takes a back seat. No pun intended...