Hall of Shame: Pat Garofalo



Pat Garofalo


State Congressman, Minnesota District 58B




November 2018




Garofalo has a long history of being a jerk to other legislatures and constituents -- at one point comparing himself to a wrestling heel -- but that isn't why he is on this page.

In 2017, Garofalo sponsored a bill to make it illegal for cities to increase minimum wage or sick leave for workers over state minimums. These aren't a cities that Garofalo lives in. In fact, by free-market standards, his outlying community should stand to benefit from businesses being chased out of the major cities by the "stifling wage minimums", but Garofalo did not make a case to lure businesses to his city.

Why? Because the changes made by the cities will not drive out business or stifle business. Communities that have increased minimum wage, such as Seattle, have seen unemployment decrease and productivity increase. If anything, the Republicans are desperate to avoid another case proving we can improve worker's lives without killing business.

Whatever the case, Garofalo is a shill for business interests and a lying troll that wants to fight liberals even if their decisions do not affect him or make positive change. He has spearheaded an unnecessary attempt to prevent cities from improving living conditions.

Bonus points: he tweeted this racist crap: "Let's be honest, 70% of teams in NBA could fold tomorrow + nobody would notice a difference w/ possible exception of increase in streetcrime [sic]".