Fight For Net Neutrality


The internet has an extraordinary amount to offer to everyone. It allows access to a plethora of things that may not be easy to find elsewhere. Access to things such as history, science, jobs, college, movies, tv, shopping, friends, and, yes, porn, are all increased with the use of the internet. The extent of usefulness the internet has not and may not ever be fully realised.

The Trump administration has shown opposition to an important component of the boundless internet, net neutrality. Net neutrality is important, and the administration and FCC chairman threaten it. Net neutrality removes biases from providing of internet service. Without it, larger companies will profit more while destroying other businesses by cutting off access or slowing access to businesses that do not pay a fee. It may also impede access to different political views whether liberal or conservative. This is an outright threat to freedoms are guaranteed in the constitution.

If you think that it doesn’t affect you, the fact you are reading our article would be unlikely without net neutrality. is a small political website, making it a perfect target for either no or slowed access from internet providers. And it has happened before, to a website much more well known. Comcast slowed access to Netflix and without the safeguards in place now, would have gotten away with it.

I regret that it this article is shorter than others here on, but something had to be done quickly, this is an important issue.

Join us and others to stop plans to destroy Net neutrality.