Republicans and Russia
Republicans and Russia

Obama, Trump, and Russian Interference


It recently came out the Obama held back information about the Russians interfering in the 2016 election because he did not want to undermine faith in our democracy. In hindsight, that was not such a good decision, but the intent was to do right by our country.

It almost makes me weep to think that we once had a President who cared enough about our country, our democracy and our constitution to put our nation's interest first before that of his party.

And in exchange for this we get Mitch McConnell who wanted to win so badly that he refused to believe our intelligence services and made it all but impossible to reveal this to the American people without it appearing partisan. Has Mitch ever once tried to uphold his sworn oath of office and put our nation's interests first? Be it government shutdowns, stealing a Supreme Court seat or initiating a legislative agenda of total obstruction and dysfunction he always finds a way to help Republicans, Americans be damned.

And of course, you have Trump himself bragging about how he wouldn't accept the results of an election he lost, "joking" about Hillary's murder and calling for further hacking of democrats' emails.

Then, once he won, he refused to defend our country. In fact, he has gone to great lengths to reward the Russians, dropping sanctions and weakening the few punishments Obama put in place, sharing classified intelligence, and treating them better than our allies in Europe.

He must be doing this either because he is complicit and scared shitless, or he is such a goddamned narcissist that he can't face any fact that might damage his tender little ego, or he is both.

If it is the former, in whole or part, this new Justice Department should pursue the maximum penalty for treason - which is death. The Republicans cruelly push people who have done far less than conspiring to sell out our democracy to a foreign power.