Right Wing Nut Job Strikes Again...


Keller Stated.
"Just as the Nazis took the lives of millions of innocent people and sold their valuables for profit, Planned Parenthood has done likewise as we have seen in hidden camera videos. Planned Parenthood is a horrific industry that profits from the innocent and the American people should be appalled at their unconscionable activities. They deserve not one more penny of either federal or state monies.”

So that's what she's worried about, state and federal monies. Right.... If she really believed that abortion was on par with the genocide committed by Nazi Germany, I would think "monies" would be the least of her worries. My guess is she's just another self righteous, sanctimonious fuckwit who takes to minimizing Nazi atrocities and using Planned Parenthood as a smoke screen to further her own agenda.

I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of this asshole.
Linked Author:Zachary Rogers, WKRC
Betsy DeVoid (Contributor)