Trumps Top 10 accomplishments


According to @RoguePOTUSStaff

10) Dumped over $1 million in taxpayer money into own businesses while donating Presidential salary.

9) Appointed a spy as National Security Advisor and only fired him when the media found out about.

8) Deepened friendships with dictators while alienating democratic leaders throughout the world.

7) Used 59 tomahawks to put a Syrian airfield out of commission for six hours.

6) Entertained Japanese PM by crashing someone's wedding reception.

5) Claimed to fulfill campaign promises for issuing EOs to agencies telling them to *think* about fulfilling promises.

4) Discovered nearly 2 million hidden visitors at his inauguration.

3) Inspired the creation of widespread oppositional #altgovt twitter accounts with his delusional grasp on reality.

2) Held more campaign events than any other Presidential first 100 days in history.

1) All while golfing twice as frequently as Obama.