Paul Ryan: That Guy Trying to Steal Your Girlfriend


You know the guy that spends years bad-mouthing you, hoping to hook up with your girlfriend, and then when you break up and he gets his chance, he has nothing? Alter all those years trying to make you look bad, he treats her like crap, and he is a rotten boyfriend. He’s probably even a bad lay. A few months later he’s gone, but you had to deal with years of the manipulative weasel trying to cause problems so he could get his chance.

That guy is Paul Ryan. He had seven years – seven #@%$ years! – talking about repealing and replacing the ACA (Obamacare), and in that time, he didn’t come up with a plan, he didn’t come up with research, and he certainly didn’t have numbers on the impact or cost of the sorts of changes he wanted to make.

He spent a few days whipping together a completely ill-thought plan that will cost 24 million people health insurance, and will raise insurance premiums for the average American, but gives a 167 billion tax cut to the rich? That seems about the only plan he had: to take money from the poor and give it to the rich.

This scum sucking pig has spent his career marketing himself as a Christian and “The conscience of the Republican party”. If the latter is true, then the Republican party has no conscience.

Ryan has always been a smug hypocrite using Christianity to hide the fact that he is a corporate tool, but before Trump and the Republican control of congress, he at least tried to pretend to be a decent person. The mask is off, and now you can see the self-serving, power-hungry, pawn of the wealthy that he has always been with no pretense.

I would suggest you contact Ryan, but he has shut off all methods of communication for his constituents.