Phrases: Drain the Swamp


Swamps seem dirty to some people, but swamps are actually a natural water filter and a source of new life. In the D.C. political ecosystem, the swamp had those elements. As dirty as it was, it cleaned itself somewhat -- not enough, but somewhat. And it was occasionally a place that new ideas could get a footing. That swamp has been dying for a long time, but Trump and the current Republicans certainly have drained the last of it. We now have politics completely split along party lines, unwilling to compromise, and rejecting any alternatives outside rabid ideology.

For draining the swamp, we should have asked for an environmental impact study, and we should have asked what he wanted to build on the swamp. What we have now is devoid of the limited merits of the old "swamp".

Instead, Trump drained the swamp, filled it with hazardous waste, put a slab of concrete over it, and built a gaudy tower, and slapped the name "Trump" on the tower in big gold letters. He filled the tower with the worst of the old swamp denizens, corrupt billionaires, racist alt-right neo-Nazis, Russian spies, dictators guilty of war crimes, religious fanatics that want to make America into a Christian caliphate, sycophants, and morons.

The question is not "did he drain the swamp", but "what has this hideous nut job done to our swamp". I'd like the old swamp back. Maybe we could do a little wildlife restoration and have a better swamp.