Words: Covfefe


The Internet is on fire over "covfefe". If you somehow missed it, Donald Trump sent a late night Tweet, "Despite constant negative press covfefe". Then Sean Spicer, true to form, insisted that the Tweet was intentional, and that a limited number of people know what it means. Nothing Trump does can be a mistake, even falling asleep mid-Tweet (or passing out from taking too many pain pills mid-Tweet).

My definition of covfefe is:

A term used by idiots to indicate they cannot admit mistakes

The urban dictionary gives us this:

Covfefe is the once secret name of an ancient tentacle monster that white supremacists fornicate with.

A favorite response of mine on Twitter was "Russian for 'I resign'".

To Trump's rare credit, he later Tweeted a humorous message about "the real meaning of covfefe", but his handlers and apologists continue insist that this ridiculous text was intentional, because "Trump can do no wrong". Almost anyone who has ever sent a late night text, Tweet, or email has woken up to -- drunk or sober, genius or idiotic, and sent or unsent -- something where we say, "what did I type"; but in the desperate and constant chase for Republicans to be apologists for this narcissistic, brain-addled fuckhead, even this little mistake has to be made into a conspiracy theory and not a simple, human mistake.